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Happy Diwali 2016 Wishes, Quotes, Status, Pictures/dp: Wow, the day is close and we are ready for it. Are you? Ask yourself and listen to that voice which will come whenever you ask this type of question to yourself. And the answer will come no definitely because this type of collection will not be seen anywhere else in other portal. Generally Happy Diwali event is celebrated in November month but this year the festival of light will be celebrated on October month. The second last day of October month will be the biggest Diwali day. The festival is celebrated for 5 days as we have discussed already. This is a Hindu festival and you would see prayers and sweets distribution among people. This is a great festival which brings everyone close together. We come close and share sweets, and other edible stuff. Happy Diwali is the day we celebrated because of Lord Ram. He killed darkness and let the world know that only light can kill darkness and it is possible to defeat darkness and victory of light is certain to happen.

Happy Diwali Wishes 2016

Happy Diwali Wishes: If you want to learn more about Diwali Event then you might want to check out Wikipedia about happy Diwali and how it is celebrated across the country. And not only that we just don’t celebrate only in India. If you go abroad you will see Indians celebrating this festival with great joy. All you need to do is feel it. This festival can be felt anywhere no matter where you are. After all it gives you a lot of things at the end of the day. People even believe that this is the festival which contributes in bringing peace to their family. Even financial problems get faded away. You just need to believe and let yourself fall in this festival of light. Another thing we play with on the occasion of Diwali is cracker. Long ago, people welcomed Lord Ram by firing crackers. There was fire-works when the Lord was arriving. The sky was shining bright due to colorful fire-works. And the tradition is still followed by us. check Quotes for Happy Diwali 2016 and enjoy.

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Diwali Quotes & Sayings: And we will continue doing it. Children love it. We love it and it is just done for a few days in a year. There is just happiness that encircles Hindu people. And it is one of the reason why we’re successful and having a lot of peace than other community people have in this world. We lead the way of life and it will continue. We know others will learn and we’ll help them in learning and practicing Peace. Anyway, let’s come to the topic of Hindu’s Diwali. Diwali having another name as Deepavali is a festival of 4 days in a row. Some states in this country celebrate it for like 5 days. That’s totally fine again. We would love to hear from you. Your views on Happy Diwali event. What do you do on Diwali or Deepavali? Comment below and let us know.

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